CA High School Students Skip Class and Save Woman from Burning Building

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Three teens who skipped class saved an elderly woman from a fire.  They were driving to get food shortly after 10am on Monday when they saw smoke billowing into the air.  They followed it, and found Diana Davis trying to extinguish the flames with a garden hose.  She told them her elderly mother was inside the house.

The three teens immediately hopped the fence, because the front door was blocked by flames, and went through the back door.  They saved the elderly woman and her dog.

One of the teens,  Peter Kravariotis, said, "When we picked up the [wheel]chair and we grabbed the dog, the only thing she said to us was 'I'm on fire,' and it was kind of shocking to me to hear that."

The woman was transferred to a burn center in critical condition.  It is unclear what sparked the fire.

The high school principal of the boys' school, Mark Corti, said, "[I am] exceptionally proud of the three young men who would reach out and do something like that because they could've easily kept walking, but they saw smoke, moved towards where the fire was, and ultimately saved somebody." 

The students didn't get off scot-free for ditching though.  They each will be serving 4 hours of community service for skipping class.