India Factory Fire - 13 trapped in basement killed

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India Factory Fire

New Delhi, India -- Thirteen people were killed when they became trapped in the garment factory that they both worked and lived in.

The fire broke out on Friday. 

The fire broke out in the factory basement.  That is also where the workers slept.  The factory was converted from a house.  It had narrow stairs going to the basement, making for a difficult egress.  It is suspected that the factory was not legal.

The fire caused the injury of nine people and at least thirteen were killed.  The poor egress route, narrow streets, and a metal grill covering the entrance led to the catastrophe.

Several neighbors rushed to the scene, hearing the calls of those trapped inside.  The nearby residents got buckets of water to douse the flames.  "We started dousing the fire ourselves with buckets and garden pipes.  The fire department officials reached only two hours after the fire," said eyewitness Shahabudin Ali.  A dozen fire engines reported to the scene and fought the fire for several hours.  

The fire was likely caused by either an electrical issue or cigarette.

Poor safety regulations in India means that factory fire deaths are common.  Last month a fireworks factory explosion killed eight and in May 2014, fifteen were killed in another fireworks factory.

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