Another Fire Caused by Tossed Cigarette Leaves 3 Homeless

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A cigarette tossed from a second floor window caused a fire that left three homeless.  

North White Plains Volunteer Fire Chief Albert Conte said, "It caught the brush and lawn equipment at the rear of the home on fire, which then extended to a closed staircase."

The fire was reported at 9:30am.  A man escaped from the second floor by climbing out the window and jumping about 8 feet to the ground.  No one else was home and no injuries occured.

About thirty firefighters arrived and brought the blaze under control in about 15 minutes.  Fire damage was contained to the back outside staircase.

Conte said, "[The firefighters] made a terrific stop...the fire could easily have spread to the rest of the home.  They did a great job containing it."

The American Red Cross is providing shelter to the three residents who were left homeless.