2 Killed in Two-Alarm Fire

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Two adults were killed and seven others survived a two-alarm fire that swept through a single-family home in Massachusettes.

Firefighters arrived at the home at 11:30pm to find that the home was already engulfed in flames with heavy smoke obscuring the entire family.

Fire Chief Kevin D. Roy said that an extended family lived in the home.  The family living in the basement apartment escaped the fire before firefighters arrived.  In addition, on the first floor, a mother and her young children crawled through the window to safety.  The father and grandfather evacuated on their own as well.

Firefighters received multiple reports of people trapped inside, so they pushed into the building.  Inside, they discovered two adults, in seperate rooms on the second floor.  One victim was carried down the front stairs and the second victim was taken down a ladder to ambulances.

Both were taken to Leominster Hospital and pronounced dead.

The fire was very intense, according to Roy.  He said that clothing and cellulose insulation fueled the fire.  "The guys did a good job.  There was some dangerous conditions, and we were able to get the people out.  Unfortunately, it wasn't on time."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.