Woman Killed in Danville House Fire

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An 88 year old woman was killed Monday when her home was destroyed in a fire. 

The house eventually collapsed from the intense flames.  Firefighters are still trying to locate the woman's body.

A Meals on Wheels volunteer, Ron Metcalfe, was delivering a meal to the woman when he heard her crying out for him.  He had been delivering meals to her for a year and a half.  Metcalfe went into the home to get her, but after less than a minute, he had to get out because he couldn't breathe.

First responders could not get inside either.  The flames and smoke were too intense.  "Two firefighters went inside, and they said the couldn't see a foot in front of them," said Metcalfe.

The woman had lived in the 1800's era home for over 50 years.

Tankers from nearly a dozen towns were on the street hauling water.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.