5 Injured, 1 Dead in San Fran House Fire

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An explosion and fire tore through a San Francisco, CA home.  One person was killed and five others were injured.  The two-alarm fire started in the top floor of the house.  Neighbors could see smoke and flames pouring through the windows.  The flames were so intense, one man was forced to jump through a second-story window.

Neighbor Edson Pineda said, "It was crazy.  It was just flames coming out the window like there was a dragon inside.  [My neighbor] had no way to get out and he just jumped and it was crazy seeing him just lying on the floor, full of blood."

That man and four others who lived in the house were taken to the hospital.  Eighty-four year old Jane Thompson did not survive.

Witnesses heard an explosion before the fire began.  

"We have investigators on scene, trying to determine if that was indeed what happened, but they're looking into the cause," Fire Batt. Chief Jose Velo said.

The red cross is working with the family to find shelter.