Neighbors are Called Heroes in Greer Subdivision Multi-home Fire

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Firefighters from several departments responded to multiple structure fires in Greer Wednesday afternoon.

Greer Fire Chief Chris Harvey said that the department received a 911 call about a brush fire.  High winds caused the brush fire to spread to homes in the area.  One home and three condos were destroyed.

Dat Nguyen, a neighbor in the subdivision, saw smoke and his fire sprinklers turned on.  He then went outside and began helping neighbors extinguish hot spots near their homes.  

Neighbor Sara Warpinski saw smoke in a neighbors yard and knocked on their door.  Jami Powell answered and with the neighbors' help, grabbed her 3-month old twins, dogs, and left.  Her home was soon consumed by flames and destroyed.

"I have twins in the bouncy seats, literally, and we ripped them out of the bouncy seats because I couldn't even get them open, and we ran out of the house and grabbed the dogs on the way out, and that was it," explained Powell.  She lost everything including all of her babies' supplies, her two year old's belongings, and momentos from her mother who recently passed.

Warpinski and other neighbors then broke into their other neighbors homes to get their pets out.  Those homes were not destroyed, but were damaged from the heat of the flames.

The Red Cross responded with supplies; members of the subdivision are holding a fundraiser to raise money for their neighbors that lost everything in the fire.