Fire Causes $2 Million in Damage to Apartment Site

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Authorities are investigating the cause of an Anaheim apartment fire that caused $2 million in damages.

It took firefighters over an hour to contain the fire at the apartment building that was under construction.  No one was injured, and, luckily, no one had moved into the complex yet.  When firefighters arrived, they found that the construction workers working on the complex had already safely evacuated.

Eighty-eight firefighters arrived to fight the fire.  The blaze got to three alarms and firefighters from Fullterton, Orange, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, and Fountain Valley responded.

The flames were so hot, that it scorched the decals on a fire engine parked nearby.  Authorities believe that flames burned with such intensity because of the foam insulation.

The damaged building was in the center of a large complex.  The other buildings appeared undamaged.  An engineer was brought in to determine if any of the damaged building was salvageable.  Twenty of the three hundred and eighty apartments were engulfed in flames, but it appeared the structure of the building was highly damaged and may need to be gutted.