Family Sues Landlords over a Fire that Killed Four

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The family of one of the four people who died in the 2013 apartment fire in Emmaus is suing the landlords of the apartment for not providing proper fire protection.

Lena Maria Adamo died in the fire on March 16, 2013.  There were no fire or smoke detectors or fire sprinklers in her bedroom, where she was sleeping at the time.  When she realized a fire had ignited, she went to the bathroom to get dressed, not realizing how dier the situation was.  She collapsed next to the sink and died there.

Three other people died in the complex:  Melissa A. Twining, 48; Montana Twining, 16; and David Jenkins Jr, 65.  The Twining Estate is also planning on suing, but have not officially filed.  They lived on the third floor, where the fire began in a bedroom and attic space.

The suit says that the Boykos, who own several rental properties, were obligated to provide a safe environment with proper fire protection.  There were no fire alarms in the apartment where the fire originated, no working fire escapes, or fire extinguishers.