Friends and Family Remember Heroes in Fatal Purdue U Fire

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On Thursday morning, a fire broke out at an apartment complex with a large Purdue University population.  Cody Day, 22, was visiting with friends who went to the university, but he never made it home.  However, six other people did make it out of the apartment thanks to the heroism of Chase Woodall and an unknown man, who the apartment dwellers referred to as the "Army ROTC" kid.

Brandon Burgdoerfer said, "We would have all been dead.  It would have been seven people instead of one."

"I owe Chase my life; I owe the army guy my life.  Chase has been a lifelong friend," said Brayton Tressler.  "He defintely knows that anything he needs throughout life, I will be there for him."

The friends weren't sure that name of the other hero's name.  

"If it wasn't for the Army ROTC kid, who ran in there first, and was brave enough to run inside our apartment that was on fire and wake people up, I wouldn't be here," said Audrey Myers.

"[Chase] realized immediately that me and my girlfriend hadn't made it out of our room, and he decided to go back in after us," said Tressler.

Chase also went in to try to save Cody, but couldn't.

Cody Day's brother remembers his sibling as, "always been a jokester.  Always been the life of the party when he was around.  You knew when he was around it was gonna be a good time.  He was good at pestering you - that's for sure - getting on your nerves, but he's definitely a good brother.  There's one quote that I'll remember him by:  "happiness is only real when shared.'"