3-alarm Fire Guts Apartment Complex

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A three-alarm fire displaced 40 people and gutted an apartment complex.

Witnesses say the fire began at 1pm in a space between two buildings in the apartment complex.  The fire spread quickly and smoke could be seen miles away.

Due to the timing of the fire, very few people were in the building at the time of the fire.  One woman and her toddler child had to jump from a balcony to escape the flames.  The child was okay, but the mother had serious injuries and is currently in the hospital.

Firefighters reported that there were several reasons the fire spread so rapidly.  One, there were no fire sprinklers in the building, allowing the fire to continue to build.  Two, the fire hydrant closest to the building was not working, which delayed them from fighting the fire.

The one positive was that a fire wall stopped the fire from spreading to the building next door.