No Injuries Reported in Hinsdale High-rise Fire

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Good news today!  A Hinsdale high-rise fire was extinguished with fire sprinklers and no one was injured.  While many say this isn't news, I think it is important to remind everyone of the worth of fire sprinklers.  They are especially important in high-rise buildings, where it can be difficult for residents to evacuate and firefighters to fight the fire.

At 9pm on May 7, 2014, a fire ignited in a high-rise apartment building in Hinsdale, IL.  A woman was cooking on her electric stove, went to visit her neighbor, and forgot she was cooking.  She heard her fire alarm alerting from across the hall and called 911.

By the time firefighters arrived, the fire was extinguished with a single sprinkler head located above the electric stove.  The only damage was to the stove and microwave oven above the stove.  The residents had already evacuated by the time firefighters arrived.

As an FYI - firefighters usually recommend residents stay in their unit when there is a fire unless the fire is in their unit in high-rise buildings.  If a lot of people leave the building at once, it can block off the entrance for firefighters.

Assistant Fire Chief Tim McElroy said it was a good thing the building was equipped with fire sprinklers.  "Sprinkler systems save lives and protect property.  In this case, it saved many lives and helped protect a building from what could have been a major catastrophe," he said.