Extra Alarm Fire at Chicago's Old Post Office

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Old Post Office Fire

Chicago, IL -- A pile of oily rags are being blamed for an extra alarm fire at Chicago's old post office.

The building is undergoing renovations and workers left a pile of oily rags in the building.  It is unknown how the pile started fire; however, oily rags have been known to self-combust.

The fire did not injure anyone and it only caused smoke and water damage.  Renovations have been going on since last summer with a $500 million redevelopment.  The renovated building will have a 3-acre rooftop park, outdoor cafe, event space, and a fitness center.

Workers at the building evacuated before firefighters arrived.  An estimated 125 firefighters and emergency medical service personnel arrived at the building with a snorkel truck to pipe water to the building.  It took them 25 minutes to locate the source of the fire at the oily rags.  The rags caused dark smoke with no visibility, forcing firefighters to knock out the windows.

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