No One Hurt in Schaumburg Warehouse Fire

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No one was hurt in a Schaumburg warehouse fire this morning.  Officials believe that the fire's ignititon source was equipment within the building.

The fire could be seen through the roof, but the structure remains in tact becaue "there was a fire wall that prevented the fire from spreading," according to Police Sgt. John Nebl.

There were workers present at the time, but, fortunately, no one was injured and everyone evacuated safely.

Firefighters are investigating the fire, which was contained in just under 1.5 hours.  Firefighters believe that the fire started with a piece of equipment in the building.

The building next door, which is owned by the same company as the warehouse that caught fire, suffered minor smoke damage.

This fire rose to a three-alarm and caused major traffic in Schaumburg.

Fire protection has not been reported at this time.