Six Businesses Damaged or Destroyed in Massive Fire

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Firefighters worked through the night to watch for flare ups among the six businesses that were destroyed and/or damaged in Pueblo.

The fire department was alerted around 6:40pm on Tuesday when smoke was seen coming from a building.  When firefighters arrived, they realized they needed backup.

Authorities believe the fire started in an office supply store and spread to the next business - and so on.  The fire spread extremely easily because the businesses shared a hallway.  The fire got so intense that the firefighters had to move from an inside attack to an exterior attack.

Flames were shooting from the roof as it caved in.  By the time firefighters had the fire under control, six businesses had been affected.

At the fire's worse, firefighters evacuated a parking garage, in fear that the fire would spread, and advised people within a 2-block radius to evacuate.

Firefighters are still on the scene to ensure no flare ups ignite.  No cause has been reported yey and no one was injured.