7-Year Old Boy Escapes House Fire After Father Leaves Him Home Alone

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A Cocoa, FL man left his 7-year old son home alone to go to IHOP around 12:25am on Sunday.  The house was full of burning candles because the electricity was shut off the previous Friday.  A candle started a fire in the boy's bedroom and quickly spread.

By the time firefighters arrived, the house was fully engulfed in flames.

The boy fled on foot, and began looking for his dad.  Brevard County police found the boy walking to a gas station and picked him up.

His father was arrested for child neglect at 2am while he was walking home from IHOP.

"Do not leave your 7-year old child home alone.  Make sure there's proper supervision if you're using a candle," said Amelia Hitchcock, a state Fire Marshal's Office Investigator.

The home's roof collapsed and the structure was declared a total loss.

The boy was released to his father's girlfriend.