Gatlinburg Faces Disaster - Hotels, Homes Destroyed in Fire

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Gatlinburg fire

Gatlinburg, TN -- A fire is ravaging Gatlinburg with hotels, tourist attractions, and homes being destroyed in the blaze.

"The center of Gatlinburg looks good for now, [but] it's an apocolypse on both sides [of downtown]," said Newmanville Volunteer Fire Department Lt Bobby Balding.

Approximately 40 to 50 fire units are helping to fight the fire.  They have a make shift command center at the Gatlinburg-Pittman High School.

Currently, there are thirty structures on fire.  The most notable are the Park Vista Hotel, a 16-story hotel on Regan Drive, and the Driftwood Apartment complex in Park Vista that has been "completely inundated."

Orebank Assistant Fire Chief Bradley Collins said that several hotels and homes have burned.  "It was devastating.  We've seen some nice homes burning."

So far, no fatalities have been discovered.

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