Fire Strikes Lakeview Senior Apartment

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Lacey, WA -- Fire roared through the Lakeview Meadows Senior Citizens apartment complex yesterday.  It has been reported that all residents escaped safely.

 About 50 residents were evacuated from the east building, and 65 from the west building.  Police had to smash through glass sliding doors to evacuate.

No injuries were reported, but one resident needed to be taken by ambulance to the hospital for chest pains, unrelated to the fire.

The fire was reported around 8:50pm and the first fire truck arrived at 8:54pm.  The first call about the fire only mentioned smoke outside, but it quickly spread through the attic and overtook the structure.

By 11pm, it appeared one of the structures was a total loss.  The other one had no fire damage.

 All apartments were checked and it appears everyone escaped safely.

As the flames spread, explosions could be heard from outside from oxygen tanks exploding from the heat.

There were no reports of fire protection in the building.