Sons Carry Mom, 88, from House Fire

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An 88 year old woman was rescued by her two adult sons when her Fort Lauderdale, FL home caught fire.

Fire crews were called to the home at 2:15am.  By the time they arrived, sons, Larry Johnson and Willie Johnson, had carried their mother, Pinkie Lee Johnson, from the home.

Larry Johnson said he was watching television when he started to smell smoke.  

"I was trying to figure out where it was coming from and by the time I got up it had spread from the bedroom to the bathroom along the ceiling," said Larry.

Larry woke up his brother, Willie.  "If he hadn't done that, I'm sure I'd be dead right now.  I grabbed a fire extinguisher and opened a bedroom door and that's when all the smoke came out, smoke and flames," added Willie.

When the fire extinguisher didn't extinguish the flames, he switched to a garden hose, and then eventually gave up the fight.

"I said, 'close that door and let's get momma out of here,'" said Larry.

They lifted her out of the hospital-style bed and took her out a back door.

It is at this point that fire crews arrived, and got the flames under control within minutes.

Their mother was taken to the hospital with injuries, not related to the fire.

The family will be staying with siblings that live in the area, and the house was covered by fire insurance.

The fire is believed to have started in a room used for storage.  However, it is still under investigation.

It has not been reported whether or not fire protection was in the home.