Two Firefighters Injured in Pallet Fire

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San Jose, CA -- Two firefighters were sent to the hospital while battling a pallet fire that started in a dust collector.  They were sent to the hospital because of heat exhaustion.

Milpitas fire crews responded to a call about a structure fire with flames and smoke visible at Larson Pallet and Crating.

By the time fire crews arrived, the facility had been evacuated completely.  Firefighters battled and contained the fire to the dust collector and wood chip container within 15 minutes.  Because of all of the dust in the facility, it continued to smolder, but was contained. 

"It was a 20-30 year old apparatus," said Sean Simonson, a fire department spokesman.  "It was so rusted out that parts were breaking off while they were fighting the fire."

The fire is under investigation.

The fire did not cause significant damage, but did destroy the dust collector and wood chip container.