Fire Destroys Lawrence County Business

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Fire ripped through a PA business late last night.

Firefighters were called to the scene at 11pm at Seal Master.  The business provides pavement products and equipment.

Police were first alerted to the scene by a burglar alarm.  When they opened the door to investigate the alarm, police discovered the fire.

Fire crews were called to the scene and brought mutual aid and aerial attack trucks.

"It's a building that's added on and added on and added on.  A lot of equipment in there that deals with asphalt repairs and asphalt sealing.  The main tar is kept in another warehouse across the street, so a lot of the major hazards were contained to another building," said Fire Chief Francis Exposito.

Firefighters remained on the scene this morning, ensuring the flames did not spread.  Across the street from the fire was a fireworks company.  Firefighters feared that the ashes would travel to the fireworks and cause an even bigger problem.

No injuries were reported.  The building is a complete loss.  No fire protection has been reported at this time.