Pit Bull Saves Deaf Teen from House Fire

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A two-year old pit bull is a hero after he saved his thirteen year old owner from a house fire.

It was the boy's first summer that he was able to stay home alone.  Nick Lamb was sleeping when a fire ignited in his garage.  He is deaf and had his cochlear implants turned off.

His dog, Ace, smelled the fire, and alerted his owner by licking his face.  

Lamb learned in school to cover his mouth and nose with a shirt when there is a fire, so that is what he did.  He covered his mouth and he and Ace left the house out of the closest exit.

Lamb then called 911 and his mother.

The fire caused $175k in damages, but, luckily, no one was hurt.

The homeowners believe that the fire was electrical and began in the garage.