Dozens Displaced after 3-Alarm Apartment Fire

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Houston, TX -- Up to 135 people were displaced when an apartment fire erupted and rose to three-alarms.

The fire was reported around 2am on Monday.  Neighbors began evacuating and knocking on each other's doors.  Firefighters arrived shortly after and helped evacuate all residents.

Thirty-five units were damaged and fifteen other units were affected.

Alberta Robinson, a resident whose unit was destroyed, said, "They did the best job they could do to put the fire out, but it destroyed a lot of units.  I'm not the only one, but I didn't expect to see what I saw."  Robinson initially thought her unit had some smoke damage, but she entered her bedroom and saw the ceiling collapsed and water was pouring into her unit.

Another resident, James Nunn, said, "When I came out, the fire was just blazing everywhere.  So I grabbed a couple of items and I tried to knock on as many doors as I could and I got my dog out."

The Red Cross is working with apartment managers to assist displaced residents.