What do property managers need to know: 5-year fire sprinkler inspection (Updated 2018)


What do property managers really need to know when it comes to the 5-year fire sprinkler inspection?

We asked Gavin Hansen, Vice President of F.E. Moran Fire Protection what questions property managers usually have when it comes to this inspection. We wrote an article on it which became wildly popular. Because of its popularity, we have updated it.

Here is a snippet:

For Midwest’s commercial facilities, fire sprinkler code and inspection requirements are somewhat elusive.  An inspection that takes place every five years is even more misunderstood.  To clarify, fire sprinklers should be inspected regularly.  There are important weekly, monthly, and annual inspections that need to take place to ensure that fire sprinklers are working optimally.  However, there are also three year and five year inspections that are important to remember.  By continually completing the annual, three year, and five year inspection, your facility will be safe and, as a bonus, can qualify for property insurance discounts (find more information on discounts and other benefits here).  While all three inspections are important, the five year inspection is the only one that inspects internally, ensuring there is no fire sprinkler blockages in the event of an activation.

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