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One thing that causes major issues to timelines and budgets during a construction project is material delays. The Project Manager (PM) will plan the project, but a material delay will throw the whole thing off. So, what can you do?

Construction Junkie recently published an article called 5 Most Common Causes of Construction Project Delays. This article dives into how to prevent material delays from the planning stage.

Below is a snippet:

Delays on your construction project can cause all kinds of problems for your business and it doesn’t just affect the project that’s been delayed. With limited resources in labor and equipment, a delay on one project can lead to delays on other current or future projects. To help contractors prevent delays, fleet management company Teletrac Navman, has compiled a list of the top 5 reasons for onsite construction delays.

Having a better understanding of the common causes of onsite delays can help keep crews on the jobsite productive. According to Teletrac’s Andrew Hintz, here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Weather – weather can be totally unpredictable, causing uncertainty in the schedule. High winds, freezing temperatures, and rain can keep certain trades from performing their work, or at the very least, make them less efficient. Scheduling around certain times of year can help, but that only works if the forecasts cooperate.  Some contractors have gotten very creative to combat weather, like Upbrella Construction, who built a multi-story building from the roof down.

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