Fire Rips through Three Buildings in East Boston

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Boston, MA - On Wednesday morning, a fire ripped through three homes in East Boston.  Seventy-three year old Al Siciliano discovered the blaze when it was small.  He called 911, and by the time firefighters arrived, it reached a 6-alarm fire.  Siciliano said that in a matter of five minutes the house went up in flames.  It caused $1.2 million in damages.

Siciliano said, "The house was on fire.  It wasn't much of a fire.  But it went up in a minute.  The whole house went up.  And they were yelling, 'Get out!  Get out, everybody!'"

A plume of smoke could be seen beyond the city limits, and rose above the skyline.  Two firefighters were hurt while battling the fire, but no residents.

The fire began from an electrical shortage and quickly spread to two adjacent homes.

From Sicilano's porch, he could see a man banging on doors.  "He was banging on the doors.  I was yelling too, 'get out!  Get out!'"

Karen, a twenty year neighbor of Sicilano, narrowly escaped.  Siciliano explained, "She didn't even know what I was talking about.  We were all nerved up.  This went up in like five minutes, the fire.  If this was at night or a windy day, forget about it."

Karen exited her home, and accidently locked her three dogs inside.  Neighbors helped her get back in and rescued the dogs.

Greg Kruszewski, a neighbor who helped rescue Karen's dogs said, "I was really focused on getting Jeanette and the dogs out as quickly as possible.  No bravery involved."

160 firefighters fought the blaze.  They said it is the most difficult neighborhood in the city to fight a fire because of the proximity and layout of the homes.  The fire displaced 21 residents.

No reports on fire protection have been released yet.