Single Sprinkler Head Saves Apartment Building from Fire

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Charleston, NC -- A single sprinkler head provided enough water to suppress a fire in a Charleston, NC apartment building Friday evening.

Charleston fire crews said the fire had potential to become serious.  It started in an apartment of someone moving in.  They set combustible materials on top of the stove, and the nob to turn on the gas accidently got turned, starting the fire.

Fire crews got the call at 5:40pm on Friday.  When they arrived, they smelled a burning odor and saw water coming from beneath a door. When firefighters entered, they saw that a single sprinkler head had contained the fire.  The crews finished extinguishing the fire and made sure it didn't enter any other apartments.

"Without the fire sprinkler system, we would have had a substantial event, damaged multiple apartments, and displaced numerous families," said Charleston Fire Marshal Mike Julazadeh.  "The fire sprinkler system was part of the critical life safety components of this building.  In this case, a single fire sprinkler head operated and controlled the fire event until the fire department could arrive and mitigate any remaining hazards.  Management is working to repair water damage and restore minimal smoke and fire damage."


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