Fire Destroys Jesup Shopping Center

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Jesup, GA -- Parts of the Jesup Shopping Center in the historic Jesup downtown area have been destroyed in a fire.

At 8pm yesterday, firefighters reported to the Jesup Shopping Center.  The fire initially started at the Fair Haven Store and spread to eight nearby businesses.  Two hundred firefighters arrived at the scene.

It took firefighters four hours to contain the fire.  Several businesses were destroyed, including a pet store, consignment store, and computer shop.  Firefighters were able to rescue several animals from the pet store, but were told to abandon the effort because the fire was growing out of control.

Tar covering the roof made the fire difficult to control.  However, fire crews were able to finally get the fire under control by this morning.

Several firefighters were taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion and one had a broken foot.

The cause is unknown, but it does not appear suspicious.