Vet Killed in MA Fire

Interested in learning more about fire protection for homes?  Click here., MA -- Arthur Fitzmeyer had just returned home and checked in with his roommate, who he called Georgie, when he started to smell smoke.

It didn't take long for smoke to fill the apartment.  Fitzmeyer searched for Georgie, but couldn't find him through the black smoke.  Fitzmeyer said through tears, "I just kept calling his name, and then the smoke just drove me out."

Authorities confirmed a 64 year old man died in the fire.  Fitzmeyer said that George Maddox was a medic in the Vietnam War.

Three firefighters were also injured in the blaze, during battle.  The fire is not suspicious, but authorities are investigating.


Fitzmeyer and Maddox became friends through VA services.  When Fitzmeyer's wife died, he was planning on moving to a VA homeless shelter, but Maddox intervened.  "George said, 'the hell with you, you're coming with me,'" Fitzmeyer said.

Maddox was a medic in the Vietnam War and saw more carnage in a day than others saw their entire deployment, said Fitzmeyer.

Five years ago, Fitzmeyer had a brain aneurysm and Maddox helped him heal.

"He taught me how to pronounce my words and read and everything," said Fitzmeyer.  He went on to say, "He was one guy who would help anybody out in any kind of situation."