Mother, Daughter Likely Dead After Fire

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Tampa, FL -- Two bodies were found inside the home of Michelle Hayes (daughter, 51), Virginia Jones (mother, 71), and Louis Johnson (Jones' common-law husband).  The bodies are believed to have belonged to Hayes and Jones.

Hayes lived at the house to take care of her mother, whose health had been deteriorating.  She was using oxygen tanks to breathe.

Johnson was running some errands when the fire ignited.  Hayes called Johnson to tell him about the fire, and Johnson called his neighbors, the Williamses, to confirm.  The Williamses called 911 and tried to help Hayes and Jones, by breaking a window and using a garden hose.  

Wendy Williams said, "The house was in flames.  We tried to help them out."

When firefighters arrived, the house was heavily involved.  The firefighters had to fight the fire from the outside.  By the time the fire was tamed enough to get inside, the two were dead already.

Explosions could be heard, and they rocked the whole block.  They are believed to have been related to the oxygen tanks.

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