Family of BU Student Killed in Fire Prepares Lawsuit

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Boston, MA -- The family of a 22 year old Boston University student who died in a fire after becoming trapped in her attic bedroom is preparing to sue the landlord.  The accusations include renting an apartment with insufficiant means of egress and a faulty fire alarm system.

Binland Lee lived in a house that was converted from a 6-bedroom to a 12-bedroom.  This renovation caused insufficient exits.  Lee lived in a third floor attic bedroom with one stairway to get out. 

A fire ignited on August 28, 2013 in what the residents referred to as "the pit."  The pit was an area that used to be a stairway, but a previous owner had torn it down and closed it off.  The residents used it as storage.  Fire officials say someone disposed of smoking materials in the pit, causing the fire.

By the time smoke alarms alerted Lee to the fire, the fire and smoke had consumed the stairway that was her only exit.

Everyone except Lee was able to escape.  Although several others on the third floor were injured from jumping out of windows.  Lee was found near the window with burns to over 90% of her body.

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