UT Students Displace after Fire

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Austin, TX -- University of Texas students were displaced after a fire in Central Austin. 

The fire happened just before 2:30am today.  Firefighters received a call about a heavy fire shooting from windows and doors at the Walnut Run apartment complex.  Firefighters were able to get it under control in 45 minutes.

Three buildings were evacuated, but two of the buildings were able to re-enter.  Sixteen apartments were affected and two had heavy damage.  No one was injured.

One student who lived in the complex, Amber Perez, said, "I jumped up, not thinking anything.  You see this happening all the time in the movies, but when you're actually in it, it's like, 'What do I do?' What do you grab, what do you need, what's a necessity?  It's really overwhelming.  I can still feel my heart beating really fast."

Candace McKinney, Perez's roommate said, "I was sleeping in the living room because my parents are here.  It was really bright and I was like, 'It's totally not daylight yet.'  Then I heard them yelling, 'Fire!  Get out!' so I woke [my parents] up, and [Amber] up and we barely got out."

Candace and Amber just moved into their apartment the day before.  It is expected that they lost all of their belongings.

The cause is unknown, but it is known that it started on a balcony on the third floor.  The estimated damage is at  $375,000.