St. Charles Fire Crews Battle 3 Fires in 1 Day

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St. Charles, IL -- St. Charles Fire Crews fought three structure fires in the small town yesterday. 

6:00am:  The first fire caused $125k in damages when The Office Dining and Spirits restaurant caught fire.  An employee reported seeing smoke around 6am, and fire crews arrived 1 minute later.  The fire started in the ceiling above the kitchen.  It took approximately 1 hour to extinguish.

10:00am:  The second fire started in a backyard chicken coop.  A fan inside the coop caught fire and killed all the chickens before spreading to the exterior of the home.  This fire caused $10k in damages.  It took fifteen minutes to extinguish.

1:00pm:  The third fire of the day broke out in a residential attic.   An attic fan used for ventilation caught fire, but fire fighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire.

Fire Chief Joe Schelstreet said, "It's not unusual to get called out multiple times in a day, but to have three actual structure fires is out of the ordinary.  These guys are professionals.  I'm really proud of them.  We had three fires with no injuries to civilians or firefighters.  There's definitely a pride that's present today."