3 Forced to Jump from Burning Building

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New York -- Three people were forced to jump from a building when a 3-alarm fire broke out today.

The fire broke out at 7:30am in a Bronx home.

Two neighbors went into the home.  Wayne Hopkins said, "The smoke was billowing out, the flames were shooting up sky-high.  It was dark, no one was answering.  We were yelling and screaming, 'anybody home, anybody' and didn't get any answer and then we came out."

When the men came outside, they saw their neighbors on upper floors, preparing to jump.

"I was just scared for the people in the house.  When I heard the lady screaming, it was really getting to me and my emotions because being trapped in a burning house is scary,"  said neighbor Donald Jackson.

All three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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