4 Students Hurt in High School Lab Fire

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Denver, CO -- Four students were injured when a teacher conducted a lab experiment using methanol.  This is the same chemical that was used in an experiment at the children's museum in Nevada that started a fire, injuring thirteen children.

Three students were treated and released and one other student was transferred to another facility for further treatment.

The teacher, Daniel Powell, who was conducting the experiement, had minor injuries and declined treatment.  He is being investigated and is on administrative leave.  The school is wondering what the point of the chemical demonstration was.  He had done the same experiment several times over the previous days.  The school is determining his future employment.

Student David Mathis said, "We were all just chaotic.  We were trying to figure out what just happened.  We just saw fire everywhere in the room, too, and we were just trying to put it out and help the students."

The fire burned itself out and didn't spread from the lab.  It set the alarms off, prompting an evacuation, but students returned to class.  No word on fire sprinklers.

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