8 Buildings Destroyed in Rock Island Fire

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residential and commercial fire protection contractorRock Island, IL -- A fire tore through 8 mixed-use (residential and commercial) buildings on Saturday morning at approximately 4:00am.  It destroyed a pizza restaurant and a tattoo parlor.  The owners of both businesses lived above their businesses.  They lost their home and jobs.

The pizzaria owner, John Keim lived above his restaurant with his girlfriend.  They saw the flames in an adjacent building and evacuated.

Tattoo parlor owner Dan Bonowski lost his parlor, which opened this past December, and the loft apartment he lived in above his parlor.  The president of Renaissance Rock Island, Brian Hollenback, vowed to find Dan a new storefront.

The fire initially broke out in a vacant building that used to be a coffee house.

There were no injuries.  Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire.

No fire protection has been reported at this time.

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