385 Assisted Living Facilities Lack Proper Fire Sprinklers

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nursing home, assisted living facilityIn August 2013, nursing homes had a deadline to meet fire sprinkler requirements.  At this date, there are 385 assisted living facilities in 39 states that are failing to meet requirements.

The assisted living facilities that are failing to meet requirements are licensed to house 52,000 of their fragile population.  Of the 385 facilities that are not meeting the requirements, 44 have no fire sprinklers at all.

Executive Director of Families for Better Care Brian Lee said, "That is intolerable in this day and age.  It's not like they don't have money to put these systems in.  They have the money.  They choose not to."

The elderly who live in these homes are more susceptible to injury during a fire.  They may not have the mobility to leave when a fire ignites.  Fire Sprinklers help contain a fire, and provide the precious time for someone to come to them and rescue the resident.

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