Chicago High-rises near Deadline for Fire Ordinance

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Chicago, IL -- On January 1, 2015, Chicago high-rises will need to be compliant with the fire ordinance.  Dozens of buildings have already failed to meet compliance and will be taken to court.

Chicago Buildings Commissioner Felicia Davis has reached out to condo boards, building owners, and community meetings to remind them of the December 31 deadline.  "We've taken 43 buildings to court because those buildings haven't given the basic element of providing a plan which is really the road map of how they were going to make those buildings safe," said Davis.

The program began when, in October 2003, six people died in a Chicago high-rise from a fire.  After investigation, it was determined that a single fire sprinkler head would have extinguished that fire.  There was an immediate call for fire sprinklers to be installed in all high-rise buildings.  However, there was so much push back on the cost, that they adopted the Life Safety Code instead.  

Despite the fact that the city worked with building owners to come to a compromise, they are still not complying.

"The deadline is not moving.  Every building, without fail, that has not met this deadline, will be referred to court," said Davis.

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