Frozen Fire Sprinkler Pipes Burst, Forcing Hotel Evacuations

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Frozen Fire Sprinklers

Arnold, MO -- Guests at the Woodsprings Suites have been evacuated after a fire sprinkler pipe froze and burst. 

Guests were transferred to the First Baptist Church.  Many of the guests are long-term residents and families.  There are approximately sixty people who were staying at the hotel.  About fifty of the sixty were displaced.

Firefighters reported that pipes became frozen on the top floor of the fire sprinkler system.  The pipe then burst, pouring water from the ceiling.

Learn how to prevent frozen fire sprinkler pipes here. 

"I heard a knock on the door, someone was letting us know the fourth floor was about knee deep in water and it was starting to drip down to the floors below.  I could see it starting to drip down from the ceiling and through the walls, lots of fun," said Lee Kildow, a resident at the hotel.

The hotel could be closed for some time.  The water infiltrated the electrical panel, adding a risk of electrocution.

Read the full story here. 


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