U of I Campus - Cooking Main Culprit in Fires

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Champaign, IL -- In 2013, ten University of Illinois campus fires ignited - most from cooking.

"There have been tragic losses of life on college campuses in fires in campus housing," said Craig Grant, Associate Director of Campus Code Compliance and Fire Safety Craig Grant said.

From 2011 - 2013, there have been 46 University of Illinois campus housing fires.  They were started mostly from cooking; other causes were trash, curling iron, cigarettes, furnace, and a cotton candy machine.  Most fires caused less than $100 in damge.

The reason for the low damage is fire sprinklers in on-campus housing. The University of Illinois has fourteen undergraduate residence complexes, two graduate residence halls, and three multi-family apartment complexes.  All are sprinklered.

Additionally, freshmen are required to live in university housing or private-certified housing their first year.  This rule keeps freshmen safe.  They have rules to prevent fires and fire protection in their housing to contain a fire if it were to start.

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