Fire Sprinkler Prevents $150k in Damages at Senior High-rise

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fire sprinkler save at Evanston, IL senior living high-rise

Evanston, IL -- On December 20, one fire sprinkler head activated, saving a senior high-rise in Evanston from fire.  The high-rise, The Mather, is a 10-story senior living facility.

A stovetop burner was left on and ignited boxes that were sitting near the stove.  The fire activated a single fire sprinkler head that was above the stove.  The fire sprinkler saved lives and prevented approximately $150,000 of property damage.

This is the second fire sprinkler that has prevented a major fire in an Evanston high-rise this year.  In March, a fire sprinkler extinguished a fire at a Housing Authority of Cook County 11-story high-rise.  Perfect timing, the building had been retrofitted with fire sprinklers only a few months earlier.

"Both of the buildings where the fire sprinkler saves occurred this year have senior residents that are at high risk in the event of fires, according to NFPA.  Also, there is the added risk due to limited escape routes in high-rises.  In each case, a single fire sprinkler averted a potentially serious incident," said Evanston Fire Captain John Roche.

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