Fire Department Credits Fire Sprinkler for Saving Apartment from Fire

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residential fire sprinkler systemCharlston, NC -- The Charleston Fire Department is crediting a fire sprinkler with saving an apartment building and its residents on Saturday.

When fire crews arrived on the scene, they found smoke obscuring the hallway.  The call was upgraded to a possible structure fire.  The fire department found that the source of the smoke was coming from a fourth floor apartment.  When they entered the apartment, they found that a couch fire was being contained to the point of origin by a single sprinkler head.

Fire crews helped the occupant evacuate and extinguished the fire.  Additionally, they removed smoke from the building and controlled the water from the open sprinkler head.

"This is yet another example of the profound benefits of a fire sprinkler system.  Fire sprinkler systems consistently prove their value in improving the life safety of residents and emergency responsders while limiting property damage," said Fire Chief Karen Brack.

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