Top Five Blog Posts from 2016

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top blog posts from 2016

Check out our top five blog posts from 2016.  These blog posts got the most attention on our website and social media with a video from the Station Nightclub fire leading the pack.

1)  Video:  The Station Nightclub Fire 

Station Nightclub Fire

"Where's my husband? Where's my husband?" someone screams as a cameraman stalks nearby and hundreds of people flee. The fire at the Station Nightclub on February 20, 2003 killed 100 people and injured 200 people. The loss of life is tragic, but with this tragedy came stricter fire codes for places of assembly, keeping event-goers safe. Since the 2003 fire code change, there has not been a large -scale tragic fire in a place of assembly in the United States.

2)   A Look Back:  1994 Logan Valley Mall Fire

On December 16, 1994 at 2:30am a fire ignited at Logan Valley Mall in Pennsylvania. The accidental fire ignited in a utility area and quickly spread throughout the mall, damaging 42 stores. NFPA determined the lack of fire sprinklers was a main cause for the financial devastation.

3)   Fire Occurs in Unprotected Chicago High-rise:  Site of Fatal Fire in 2012

Orland Park, IL (February 23, 2016) - This morning, a fire occurred on the fourth floor of 3130 North Lake Shore Drive, the same unsprinklered residential high-rise where Shantel McCoy was killed in a 2012 fire. 

4)   Construction Workers Walk Off Site Following Second Worksite Death

Construction workers at the Adelaide Hospital walked off site Monday, in memory of construction worker Stephen 'Steve' Wyatt, following his workplace death. 

5)   Fatality Report Calls Attention to Risk for Older Workers and Minorities

The AFL-CIO published national findings on safety and health conditions for working people in the United States, according to 


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