By Spending $17k a Winter, You Avoid a $30-40k Bill

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draining drum drips

This one is for parking structures and other properties that have fire protection systems that go through the freezing Chicago winters.  Did you know that draining your drum drips can save you $23,000 (in just 1 winter!).  Let me tell you a story.

First off, what are drain drips?

Drain drips are used in dry pipe systems.  They can collect water from condensation and draining water.  The water becomes trapped and can freeze.  Dry systems have drum drips (also called: auxiliary drains, drip legs, or condensate drains) used to drain the water from the system. 

Property A (AKA, Penny Pincher Properties) 

We have property A, a parking structure that sees both 100 degree days and -50 wind chill days (this is Illinois, after all).  This structure wants to cut their budget, so they forgo draining their drum drips on their dry fire sprinkler.  A cold snap occurs and the drum drips freeze causing a burst pipe.  

Price tag = $40,000       

Property B (AKA, Work Smarter, Not Harder Properties) 

Property B, has been there done that.  The previous winter, their drum drip froze and caused $35,000 in damage.  Once the repair was made, the next winter they pre-scheduled weekly draining of the drum drips.  It cost them $1,200 a week.  This particular facility, had the drum drips drained for 14 weeks, with a total of $16,800.

Price Tag:  $16,800 

By planning ahead for preventative maintenance, Property B saved $18,200 a winter.  Not too bad.  


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