Fire Sprinkler Saves NC Nursing Home

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nursing home fire sprinklersHigh Point, NC -- A fire sprinkler saved a North Carolina nursing home.  The fire sprinkler contained the fire to the room of origin.

Two residents from the room of origin are being treated for burns and two others are being treated for smoke inhalation.

The fire sprinklers were installed four years ago, and staff are grateful they made the upgrade.

"The sprinkler system had kept the fire in check, in the room where the fire started.  Until four years ago, this facility was not sprinklered so we're thankful that those updates had been made here because if the sprinkler system had not done its job as it did, this probably would have been a lot worse," said Horneytown Assistant Fire Chief Lee Hedgecock.

The facility also had a built-in system that closed the fire doors automatically, preventing the fire and smoke from spreading.