Senior Apartment Fire Extinguished with Fire Sprinklers

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fire sprinklers for assisted living facilityLas Vegas, NV -- A fire sprinkler system extinguished a fire at a senior living home over the weekend.

The fire started when a woman was using an aerosol deodorant.  The button got stuck, so she tried to pry it with a tool.  The deodorant began spraying all over the bathroom.  A candle lit on the sink sent a flash fire into the air when the deodorant reached it.  The fire sprinkler head activated and extinguished the fire.

The woman had a burn equal to a sunburn (first degree) and was treated at a nearby medical center.  For the average person, a first degree burn wouldn't require medical attention, but for a senior citizen, it could be serious.

Damage was estimated at less than $1,000.

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