Warehouse Fire Proves Fire Sprinkler Inspections are a Must

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warehouse fire protection contractorRockford, IL -- A warehouse fire on Tuesday grew out of control when the fire sprinkler system failed to activate.

Rockford Fire Department officials want to know why the system failed.

The fire chief believes that the warehouse fire that burned for 2 days straight could have been extinguished if the fire sprinklers were working properly.  "The northern building had a sprinkler system - whether is was functioning at the time of the fire is unknown.  We will look at sprinkler test records and things along those lines to see if the system was properly maintained.  Sprinklers put out fires, save lives, and save property.  Why didn't it function in an appropriate manner?" said Division Chief Matthew Knott.

Fire investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.  Fire crews used a drone to scout the scene and have aerial footage of the fire.  They will use this, along with interviews and scene investigation to determine the cause.

Fire crews also used the drone to find structural issues, hot spots, and excavation.