Elementary School Evacuated for Fire

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elementary school fire sprinklersPasadena, TX -- The Jensen Elementary School was evacuated when a fire erupted in one of the portable classrooms.  The smoke traveled and filled the halls of the actual school building, frightening the children.

No one was hurt.

"The fire drill, it went off and then I saw smoke and then I smelled it and all my friends know that too," said Alyssa Castro, first grader.

Duke Duet, father, said, "The smoke was pouring out of the school.  I thought the school itself was on fire."

"We saw a big old field of smoke, like it's right out of the portables and then it came through the school and everything," another student said.

All students were safely evacuated.  The cause is not yet known.  

No reports have surfaced whether or not fire sprinklers were installed in the school.