Fire Sprinklers Stop Fire at Condo Complex

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condo fire sprinkler systems IllinoisToms River, NJ -- A fire sprinkler at the North Point Hollow Condominium saved the complex from a fire.

The fire originated in a bedroom of an unoccupied unit.  A single sprinkler head activated and knocked it out.  Only minor heat, smoke, and water damage were left behind.  

"The effectiveness of fire sprinklers has once again been proven as there was only minor heat, smoke, and water damage in the affected unit, with no structural damage occurring to the building," said James Mercreasy, director of Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention.

The two-story complex has 8 dwellings.  All were able to remain occupied thanks to the fire sprinkler activation.

"A properly designed and maintained fire sprinkler system combined with properly installed, maintained and tested smoke alarms are essential elements in fire and life safety," Mercready said.

An investigation is being conducted to determine the cause of the fire.