Sprinkler saves Apartment Tower from Fire

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high rise fire sprinklersFremont, NE -- An automatic fire sprinkler system stopped a fire from growing out of control this morning at the Stanton Tower apartment complex.

Fire crews were called to the scene of the fire at 3:56am today when the fire sprinkler activation alerted them to the fire.  The resident left a piece of wood on the stove and set a microwave on the wood.  It appears that this is the cause of the fire.

The smoke was contained to the 8th floor of the high-rise.  Several residents evacuated the apartment.  The evacuated residents had some water damage.

Captain Pat Tawney said, "The sprinkler system is priceless."

Tawney recommends residents of high-rises put a towel under their door and wait for fire crew evacuation when a fire event occurs in a fire sprinkler protected building.